Coach Sasha

Sasha has been involved in Artistic swimming since age 7. As a swimmer in Russia, she swam on the Russian Regional Team representing an entire region of over 4.5 million people at national and international competitions. For her career accolades, 

she holds the title "Master of Sport"

- one of the highest honors awarded to athletes in Russia.

After ending her 15-year competitive career, Sasha began coaching. 
She worked for 5 years as Head Coach of the Russian Regional Junior Team and as Assistant Head Coach of the Russian Regional Senior team in Ekaterinburg, Russia.
In December 2017, she earned the Highest Coaching qualification in Russia.

Over the years Sasha's athletes have won in multiple meets across Russia and abroad, including 1st place Combo Routine at the International Tournament in Prague(2016).

Sasha's coaching philosophy is to help grow and develop strong athletes and personalities. Her sincere hope that her athletes will use what they learn in Artistic swimming and carry it over to their own lives. Her dream is to have athletes who fearlessly face life and remember their team with LOVE.